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batter uprounding the bases


The filming of Grantchester series 2 arrived in the village this week, with the usual rush of excitement, traffic and discussion of which villagers would actually attain the lofty height of “extra”.

Of course the most significant part of any television shoot is the Friday evening rounders match, and so it was this week. Though there was rumour of a Grantchester crew vs. Grantchester residents setup, the cast decided that splitting up the assembled athletes between Team GreenĀ and Team Norton would allow the crew (average age: 35) to benefit from the many years of rounders experience brought to bear by the Grantchester residents (average age: slightly higher.)

On a beautiful late summer evening many brave souls stepped into the batter’s box to face fierce bowling and might fielding and after much confusion and clanging of bases it was decided that we were all winners as none of the dogs had ended up with the ball. An honourable draw was declared.

As the game went on it was difficult to work out whether it was the hard fought contest or the canvas chairs and cold beer that commanded the most attention, but either way the evening was enjoyed by all.

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