Superfast broadband (greater than 24MB per second download speed) arrived in the Grantchester broadband cabinet on 24-Jun-14 and a number of Internet Service Providers are now offering download speeds of 70MB per second or more. Broadband is currently available via ADSL which requires renting a phone line from British Telecom then buying a broadband service from them or another provider. Details of broadband providers to Grantchester can be found by inputting your postcode here. It is also possible to pay for installation of a fibre connection between the cabinet and your home which could provide speeds of 300MB per second but this is expensive to install and incurs higher service charges.

You can see what services are available at your home by putting your phone number into this BT website: here

The following commercial sites can help you to compare offers for broadband access. Note that this website is NOT providing a recommendation for any of these:

If you want to know more about this, please go to the Connecting Cambridgeshire site or contact Stephen Howard on 843319 or by email: Stephen (at)

Need help using the Internet? Your local library can link you up with someone to show you how, or go to the website.

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