Walking & running

Most visitors come to Grantchester for the first time via the path that runs through the water meadows, known as ‘The Grantchester Grind’. It is a pleasant walk and takes about twenty minutes from Newnham to the village. 

For other walks in and around Grantchester, and further afield around Cambridge, go to the Cambridge section of the walking in England website, and select FREE WALKS.

2 thoughts on “Walking & running

  1. Mineko Honda

    I would like to bring my mother who wants to paint outdoors,
    Will there be public toilets that we can use?

    On Saturday or Sunday as well?

    It may be a small question but important to make previous plan,
    SIncerely Yours,
    Mineko Honda

    1. Josh Newman

      Hi Mineko,

      There aren’t any public toilets in Grantchester, but when there is a public event at the Village Hall (which there are most weekends in the summer) those toilets are open.

      Otherwise the pubs all have toilets which are available to any customers – so perhaps your mother can cool down with a drink and a view in one of the four wonderful pubs or at the Gin and Coffee shop.



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