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  1. Tim Lancaster

    Hi Daniel, sorry for the delay, I had to ask colleagues about this and found that there were 244 households in the Parish Plan survey in 2004. Best, Tim

    1. Vera Rosenberry

      We are not able to come to the July meeting , but would like to say we strongly support the proposal to have a cycleway going through the village, from Haslingfield, past the recreation ground, down Burnt Close and along Coton Rd. and the Broadway. We think this is a great idea and will enhance the village, making it so much easier to cycle through and on into Cambridge. We can’t understand why this is not generally supported, especially by the Broadway residents. The privacy issues are not very different from those one has when people are walking down the pavement or cycling or driving down the road, and the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

      Vera Rosenberry and Venki Ramakrishnan


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