The photo shows the Reading Room with the Village Hall behind. The entrance to the Village Hall is up the path, on the side of the building. The Village Hall has a stage, kitchen and toilets. The Reading Room has a kitchen and a wall-mounted projection screen. Both buildings are available for booking: phone or email Margaret Barwise on Cambridge 840205,  . User guides providing more details on the facilities and use of each building can be accessed by choosing Village Hall User Guide or Reading Room User Guide. Certificates for both buildings can be found here.


Per session (morning, afternoon, evening)
Non-residents Residents Notes
Type of Session VH RR VH RR
Meeting 60 / 40 40 / 30 50 / 30 25 / 15
Reduced rates are for regulars. This rate is also given to residents’ funeral wakes in place of the more costly party rate.
Commercial 100 100 100 100
Parties – Adults (21+)
AM/PM 150 40 100 25
Evening 250 40 150 25
Parties – Children
AM/PM 75 40 50 25
Evening 100 40 75 25
Wedding packages
Full weekend
Fri 6pm – Sun 12pm
1200 200 / 150 700 125
One day 650 120 / 90 400 75
Additional sessions 150 40 100 25
(2 days + Fri eve set up)
300 160 150 100 Additional sessions will be at a negotiated rate starting at £120 per day for non-residents and £100 per day for residents.
We offer a discretionary 10% discount for Charity events
If you are hiring the RR in addition to the VH, you are entitled to the regular booking rate as a non-resident. As a resident, the usual rate is reduced to £20 per session.

In the Calendar below, a dot dash grey line means that there is an appointment that day: click on the day itself, then scroll down to see details of any bookings.

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