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Car Park re-opening for 2022

We’re pleased to report that the village car park on Grantchester Road between Mill Way and Trumpington will be opening from next weekend – Easter.

Thanks to an agreement with Trumpington Farm Company, we will be able to open as in most previous years on Bank Holidays and weekends. If the weather is very bad, or there is a flood warning in place, the car park will remain closed.

Hopefully this will take some pressure off parking within the village, and will enable visitors to enjoy a trip to Grantchester without concern for access.

The car park opens at 10am and closes at 6pm.

Kingswood Proposal

By clicking the above download button you will be able to see the full “Kingswood” proposal created by the Kingswood Steering Group. This is a project in its very early stages to create a new woodland running from Broadway in Grantchester up to Newnham.

The next step for this proposal, which comes from environmentally interested residents in Newnham and Grantchester, is to get approval at least in principle from the landowner, King’s College. Because the bulk of the project lies within the parish of Grantchester, King’s College have asked the Kingswood Steering Group to secure the support of Grantchester Parish Council before they will consider it.

We (the Parish Council) have benefitted from a presentation on this project, but we want to hear from you, our fellow villagers, as it will have significant impact on our local environment and people may have different views on whether that is for better or for worse (or both!). We are grateful to King’s College for asking the steering group to seek the Parish Council’s approval, but please be aware that even if that is given, there is no guarantee that King’s would then be happy to proceed – our approval is necessary, but very far from sufficient.

There are unquestionably environmental benefits to these proposals, but also impacts on historic views and the overall feeling of our village and its surroundings. Please let us have your thoughts on the two options presented, and any other reactions you have to this potential development. We will discuss all your responses in the parish council and feed back what we hope will be a fair response from the village to the Kingswood Steering Group.

You can email your thoughts to our clerk, Anne Rudge, ideally along these lines:

_________      I approve of both Options in this set of Proposals

_________      I only approve of Option One of these Proposals

_________      I only approve of Option Two of these Proposals

_________      I do not approve of either Option in these Proposals

_________      I would be happy with the proposals if amended as suggested below…..

Further to the full proposal, there is also a summary of the proposal and a photographic survey that may be of interest

Hustings 2019


Grantchester Village Hall

Wednesday 4th December, 7 – 9pm


Grantchester Parish Council has arranged a Hustings to allow residents to ask questions of the Candidates for election in our South Cambridgeshire constituency.
All the Candidates have confirmed their attendance, being:

Anthony Browne           The Conservative Party Candidate

Dan Greef                     Labour

Ian Sollom                    Liberal Democrats – To stop Brexit


The meeting will be chaired by the Chair of the Parish Council, Lesley Sherratt. Each candidate will be asked to give an opening statement (to be no longer than 2 – 3 minutes), after which questions will be taken. Each candidate will then be given a minute each to reply to the question, and other candidates and the questioner will be allowed short responses to these replies.

In order to tackle the subjects most pressing to the constituency, we are asking for questions to be submitted in advance, in order that we can pick out the most popular subjects (national or local).

Feel free to add your questions by using the comments section below. If you are attending the meeting, please indicate whether you would like to be invited to ask your question yourself (if it is chosen), or whether you prefer the Chair to put it for you.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 4th,

Grantchester Parish Council

Getting Into Teaching Event

Due to an ongoing teacher shortage, Teach in Cambridgeshire have, once again, organised an Initial Teacher Training event to make people more aware of all the options open to them. This event will be of use to anyone considering a career in teaching.

The ‘Getting into Teaching’ event at Anglia Ruskin University on Thursday 16th November 2017, 6-8pm. There will be a range of local provides attending offering all phases and routes such as school centred places,  PGCEs,  B.Ed or internships.

Tickets for this event can be booked by clicking on the following  link