Community gritting volunteers wanted

The Community Gritting Scheme is a scheme where local volunteers can help to keep their community moving in freezing weather. Under this scheme, the parish council decides on specific routes in the area which are important to the local community and agrees them with the county council.  The scheme is operated by the County Council Highways Department.

When do I grit? 

Just like the gritters that clear the roads, the community gritting schedule is determined by the weather. Highways do not notify registered community gritting volunteers when to grit, they rely on the volunteers to grit the footpaths as and when it is required. 

Where do I grit? 

This scheme only applies to footways and footpaths. You are not insured or trained to grit the roads and should never place yourself in conflict with live traffic. You should not put yourself at any further risk from motor vehicles than you would as an untrained pedestrian. 

Each parish decides which footways and paths should be gritted by volunteers and submits them to the County Council for approval. The routes are then discussed and an agreed route map is recorded. You are only covered by the County Council’s insurance for these agreed routes. 

If you feel that a route should be changed or added to the agreed route map then please contact your parish council who can discuss the change and submit it to the County Council if appropriate. 

Only volunteers that have completed the basic training and returned the registration form you will be covered by the County Council’s insurance.  Highways will provide a spreader to enable the grit to be evenly spread on the footpath.

How do I volunteer?

If you would like to volunteer for this winter, please send an email with your details to John, the Parish Clerk at  We will only participate if a sufficient number of volunteers register.

For more details of what is involved go to this website

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