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2022 update:
The car park will be open for 2022! We expect to open from Easter weekend until the end of September. Details as below…

2021 update:
The car park has been closed until further notice due to repeated entrance by travellers. We are working to find a solution to allow us to reopen in 2022.

There is only a limited amount of car parking in the village, so the village can get very congested in the summer. To alleviate this, there is a Temporary Village Car Park in a field near the mill pond, just as you enter the village from Trumpington. We encourage all visitors to use it, when it is open.

From 2018 the car park will be open on weekends between Easter and the end of September, and on the Bank Holiday Mondays. We open it on sunny days only because:

  • that tends to be when there are the most cars, as visitors come to the pubs and tea-rooms, and to walk along the Meadows and round the village; and
  • the parking is on a grass field, so we need it to be dry.

Because the car park opening days are dependent on the weather, it’s possible that the car park will be closed even within the specified dates.

We charge £2 per car. All the proceeds, after costs, are used for the good of the village.

The Car Park is operated by the Parish Council with help from The Orchard. Further details: David Neville, 846631

18 thoughts on “Car park

    1. Josh Newman

      Blue badge holders can use the car park too. There are also a couple of Disabled Parking spaces along the high street, and of course people with a blue badge can park in other areas of the village according to the rules of their parking permit.

    1. Josh Newman

      Every weekend through to October, unless the weather is wet enough that there is a risk of flooding.

  1. Melanie Ronan

    What’s the best postcode to use for this facility, we are meeting family so driving over an hour each

    1. Josh Newman

      Try using CB3 9NB. The car park entrance is on the left, by the sign that says you have entered Grantchester, as you approach from Trumpington (also M11 J11)

      If you come from the M11, J12 roundabout or from Newnham, go through the village and the entrance is just as you leave the village on the right.

      It is well signposted from within the village.

  2. Jen

    Are you open on Saturday this weekend? What time are you open from and to when please?

    Also is it £2 per car for the day?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Josh Newman

      The car park is open every weekend until October as long as there hasn’t been a lot of rain.

      We are also opening several days this week due to the good weather over the half term holiday.

    1. Josh Newman

      Hi Jane,

      The car park is open on weekends and bank holidays only. During the week it’s normally possible to find parking in the village.
      However, we definitely encourage people to come by bike, bus (which runs every hour from Cambridge) or even walk where possible.

  3. Paul Pattinson

    We are planning to do return river trip from Grantchester to Cambridge on the afternoon into evening on September 25th. Does the car park get locked on an evening and if so what time? Our plan is to come out of Cambridge during the hours of darkness so I envaged we’d be back in Grantchester no later than 9pm.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Josh Newman

      Unfortunately the car park has had to be shut temporarily as we have had travellers attempt to settle on the site twice this summer.

      We will update the website when the situation is resolved.

    1. Josh Newman

      Unfortunately the car park will remain closed until we can work out a system that doesn’t leave the village open to liability for expenses due to traveller encampment. It is unlikely we will reopen this ‘season’ (the car park is only open April-October)

  4. Peter

    Hi, just checking if the car park will be open this Saturday 9th October as we were planning a Canoe trip on the Cam with over 35 people booked on! Or is the car park still closed?


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