A punt on the Cam


Grantchester is a small village on the river just before it enters Cambridge from the south-west. It is famous for:

  • its green meadows through which you can walk or punt
  • as a place where Rupert Brooke stayed and wrote poetry
  • from the Pink Floyd song ‘Grantchester Meadows
  • as the home of novelist & politician Jeffrey Archer
  • as the place with the highest population of Nobel prize winners in the world

For most people, it is an oasis of tranquility and good eating and drinking with its open spaces, four pubs and the Orchard Tea Rooms.

1 thought on “Introduction

  1. TJ

    I look forward to visiting Grantchester in the near future. I have been a Pink Floyd fan since the young age of 16. A lot of their songs make some sort of reference to the Grantchester area. The river, the church, the weeping willow, the church bells, the meadows, visions of the boats and the river in the their videos. To me and many other fans the area would be nice to visit to see where it all began, see where they got inspiration, decode some of the lyrics and see what it is they are writing about. Kind of like an enigma really.

    I have also been to England before and would love a second trip there. I really enjoy the history, people, food, drink, and all the green.



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