The Village Hall & Reading Room will reopen for bookings on 6th July 2020. Hirers will be required to take responsibility for following government guidelines on covid-19 and will have to agree to special hiring conditions prior to booking. Numbers will be limited to 8 people in the Reading Room and 25 people in the Hall at any one time.

The photo shows the Reading Room with the Village Hall behind. The entrance to the Village Hall is up the path, on the side of the building. The Village Hall has a stage, kitchen and toilets. The Reading Room has a kitchen and a wall-mounted projection screen. Both buildings are available for booking: phone or email Margaret Barwise on Cambridge 840205,  . User guides providing more details on the facilities and use of each building can be accessed by choosing Village Hall User Guide or Reading Room User Guide. Certificates for both buildings can be found here.


Per session (morning, afternoon or evening)
Non-residents Residents
Type of event VHC RR VHC RR Comments
Meetings £50 / £35 £30 / £20 £25 £10 Single meeting / regular meeting
Weddings & adult parties £220 £20 £125 £10 Plus £150 for a session to set-up (if required)
Children’s parties £60 £40 £40 £30 Plus £20 for a disco
Exhibitions 250* £20 175* £10
Charitable events £50 £30 £35 £20
*Asterisk shows where prices are per event rather than per session
More complex requirements and home hire of crockery, tables and chairs should be discussed with the Bookings Secretary

Note that there is a non-refundable deposit of 10% of the booking fee, subject to a minimum payment of £5

These prices apply to all new bookings from 1-Sep-18


In the Calendar below, a dot dash grey line means that there is an appointment that day: click on the day itself, then scroll down to see details of any bookings.

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