Men taking part in the barrel race

Barrel rolling

The tradition of rolling large wooden barrels in a relay race up and down the Coton Road before lunch on Boxing Day was revived recently and has been very popular. Teams compete, usually four at a time to roll the empty barrels as rapidly as possible without injuring the crowds of spectators who risk life and limb while screaming encouragement from behind a thin wall of straw bales. All are welcome to enjoy an hour of eccentric, charity-funding mayhem followed by liquid refreshment in one of the local pubs. Races start at 12pm on 26th December.

See photos from the 2016 event here.

5 thoughts on “Barrel rolling

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  4. Danielle Winner

    I was actually looking for info on UK barrel racing for horses and this popped up but couldn’t resist leaving a comment. This looks like a lot of fun for my husband to do will have to get his schedule figured out for December. Very funny thanks for sharing.

  5. Simon Conway-Smith

    Finally attended the barrel rolling this year (live in nearby Lt Shelford). Was great fun. Can I suggest a ‘Churches Challenge’ race next year, e.g. Grantchester, Trumpington, Gt Shelford & Lt Shelford?


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