Parish Plan

The Parish Council is guided by its own interests as members of the village and through discussion with fellow villagers but it is useful to have a summary of what the village thinks to provide overall direction; this is how we use the Parish Plan.

There was a big exercise to create a Parish Plan for Grantchester in 2004. The Parish Plan project was carried out by volunteers from the village with funding from a Countryside Agency grant. The result can be downloaded here: GrantchesterParishPlan-2004.

There is also a summary that was published later which can be downloaded here: GrantchesterParishPlan-2004-Summary

Ten years later, the Parish Council wanted to confirm that the direction given in 2004 was correct and ask some new questions. It was felt that a simple one-page summary of the main issues from 2004 with some new questions would stimulate discussion so a one-page summary was distributed to households before the Village Party and people were informally asked for comments. The summary can be downloaded here: Grantchester Parish Plan 2014 on a page

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