Meetings take place on the third Monday of the month. Usually these are in the Reading Room at 20:00, although until early May 2021 at least they will take place online.

Parish Council meetings are open to the public, unless there is a good reason why a particular matter should be judged confidential. Each meeting begins with an ‘Open Forum’ for 15 minutes when anyone can come and talk about anything that is of concern to them. After that period only Councillors may speak.

The Agenda of the meeting has to be published at least four days before the meeting, and anyone can put forward matters that they would like to be discussed by contacting the Parish Clerk, or any Councillor. Any item not published on the Agenda can be discussed, but no decision can be taken on it, so it would have to be put onto the agenda for the following month before any decision could be taken.

Minutes of every meeting are taken by the Parish Clerk and approved by the Councillors as a proper record at the following meeting. Anyone is entitled to read a copy of the Minutes by contacting the Parish Clerk, Anne Rudge:, we publish the Minutes on this website and a report of business in the Parish Magazine.

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