Rupert Brooke Museum

Please note that the Rupert Brooke Museum closed in November 2013.
The Orchard’s current owners hope to reopen the museum in the West Wing of Orchard House where Brooke lived for a period of time.

This small museum is open from Easter until the end of October each year and can be entered from the car park at The Orchard Tea Rooms. Opening hours are 11:00 – 16:00 and entry is free. The museum provides photographs, text and artifacts from the life of one of our most famous first world war poets who also wrote The Old Vicarage Grantchester

Visitors are encouraged to sit and read the reference books and to leave comments in the visitors book. The museum website provides details of how to join the Rupert Brooke society and can be found here.

Exterior view of the Rupert Brooke Museum


2 thoughts on “Rupert Brooke Museum

  1. Pamela Langston

    I was a student at Cambridge during WW11. One of the first things I did when I arrived was to walk to Grantchester to see the clock . At that time it really did still stand at “ten to three” having been kept that way in honour of Rupert Brooke. Does it still so stand? Surely no Philistine has been allowed to restart it. I watch the show ” Grantchester” on TV here in North Carolina. Why do we never see the clock? Is it intentional? Surely the producers are aware of its significance. It is great to see K.P. again. Is the restaurant The Copper Kettle? Pamela Langston.

    1. Tim Lancaster Post author

      Dear Pamela,
      The clock has been repaired and perhaps that is why it isn’t shown in the TV serial. The Copper Kettle in Cambridge is still there and thriving.


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